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Dear Valued Hill’s Customer:

In light of the recent recall by Menu Foods, you may have questions regarding Hill’s involvement with co-manufacturers.

Our use of co-manufacturers is extremely limited to produce smaller volume, niche products or to manage capacity.  In these limited cases, we will contract with co-manufacturers who specialize in this type of production.  

For our limited co-manufacturing, the formulations are specific and proprietary to Hill’s, and are not duplicated by other brands that may also have products manufactured by the same co-manufacturer.

In our own plants, we adhere to tightly structured, high quality control process and audit standards.  Before any co-manufacturer is allowed to produce for the Hill’s name, they must demonstrate that their manufacturing processes meet our high standards in terms of quality and control. 

Hill’s involvement in the Menu recall is extremely limited involving less than one half of one percent of Hill’s total product line.

None of the other products under the Science Diet brand name or the Prescription Diet brand name are affected by this voluntary precautionary recall.

Our employees are dedicated to ensure that we continue to uphold Hill’s standards for safety and quality and for protecting the health and well being of pets.

We assure you that Hill’s is keeping up-to-date with the latest information as it becomes available.  As more information becomes available we will keep you informed through our website,